Basics of Investing & Portfolio Management

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Basic Quiz #2

Quiz #1

Keep learning and practicing! Welcome to the second quiz of the Basics of Investing & Portfolio Management. Testing yourself is essential in order to reinforce and retain what you have learned.
BullGlobe Quiz

1. If Company A gave you a 10% ownership in their company in exchange for $10,000, what type of asset would you be holding?

2. You purchased a bond for $1,000 with a 5-year maturity and a 6% annual interest rate. How much money would you have at the end of the 5-year period?

3. Treasury Bonds normally have a bond rating of BB (in S&P sytem, Ba in Moody's system) or lower.

4. Which of these bonds will most likely have a higher yield?

5. You bought $1,000 worth of stock in Company A and its value grew to $1,320 after 4 years. What was the holding period return on your investment?

6. Consider the following scenario:

Date Value of Asset A Value of Asset B
2016 $10 $10
2017 $13 $11
2018 $19 $14
2019 $13 $15
2020 $16 $16

What asset seems to be riskier?

7. Stocks are generally safer than bonds.

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