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Our bulletproof Investor Questionnaire takes less than 2 minutes to fill in! It was carefully created to help us understand you and your needs to build an investment strategy that will fit your characteristics and help you reach your financial and life goals. We take into account the time you want to invest, your experience, your financial situation, your investment preferences and objectives, and your risk tolerance to develop your customized plan.

Plan, Build, Monitor

Our Investment Framework

Develop a



It’s easy! You just have to take our simple yet intelligently built Investor Questionnaire and we’ll take care of the rest. We will thoroughly analyze it and develop a personalized investment plan that takes into consideration your stated financial and life objectives (such as retiring comfortably) and constraints (like not wanting to bear too much risk). Then, we analyze the current economic and market situation and set specific Capital Market Expectations, which establish what may be expected from the investment strategy.

Build your



Once we’ve built your personalized plan, we move on to actually building the portfolio that will suit your needs and characteristics. We consider a variety of key factors to select the right asset mix for you. Our extensive list of professional portfolios allow us to find the right one for you, which we optimize with our data-driven program. Then, we lay out the recommended asset mix based on their quality and low expense ratio, and explain how to create your portfolio. 

Monitor your



We update your portfolio on a daily basis and constantly optimize and monitor your asset mix to maintain the preset objectives in line with the current market conditions. You will find plenty of tools that will help you rebalance and keep an eye on your portfolio whenever you want as well as detailed weekly performance evaluation reports that will simplify the portfolio tracking and rebalancing process.

How This Works

your customized portfolio

Here are the simple steps to get your own optimal portfolio:

What's In Your Strategy

Your Customized Investment Strategy

We analyze your responses to the Investor Questionnaire and develop a personalized, unique report that outlines all aspects of your Investment Strategy:

Your Strategy Excel

Real Customized Investment Strategy in Excel and PDF form.

Optimized Portfolio Report

We process your information through our innovative portfolio optimization program and provide you with a comprehensive yet simple portfolio report:

Weekly Personal Updates

We will provide you with weekly portfolio updates so your investments are always optimal and you are always in the loop:

Your Tailored Portfolio Strategy

Get Better Results in your investments

Time Horizon

We understand that your needs change over time, so we tailor your portfolio to follow you in every step.

Risk Tolerance

Your risk tolerance is a major factor in determining what investments best suit you, so we will bring you the best portfolio based on your level of risk tolerance.

Goal Oriented

As an investor, it is crucial to set certain goals and objectives, which may influence your investor personality.

Investment Capital

The money you have to invest is another big element in determining your optimal portfolio.

Updated Daily

The data in your portfolio is updated every day so you can re-balance your portfolio. We offer you great tools to easily do it as you prefer. 

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Full access to all our finance learning courses and material to optimize your financial life.

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