Basics of Investing & Portfolio Management

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Quiz #3: Intro to Portfolio Management

Quiz #3

Keep learning and practicing! Welcome to the second quiz of the Basics of Investing & Portfolio Management. Testing yourself is essential in order to reinforce and retain what you have learned.
BullGlobe Quiz

1. What is a pool of securities that aim to diversify within a specific asset class, a combination of them, or a certain investment strategy?

2. What is the market cap range of small-cap stocks.

3. A blue-chip equity fund is formed by small-cap, unkown companies.

4. Which fund may offer higher dividend payouts?

5. An industry is formed by many related sectors in a given economy.

6. If you buy shares in the US from an international fund, will this fund own shares of US companies?

7. Which fund normally offers a better diversification?

8. What is the main flaw of balanced funds?

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