Basics of Investing & Portfolio Management

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Quiz #4: Intro to Portfolio Management

Quiz #4

Keep learning and practicing! Welcome to the second quiz of the Basics of Investing & Portfolio Management. Testing yourself is essential in order to reinforce and retain what you have learned.
BullGlobe Quiz

1. What is another name for geometric average?

2. We have the following yearly returns: 11%,3%,7%, 14%. What's the geometric average of those returns?

3. What is the likelihood of a given return being within 2 standard deviations away from the average return?

4. Beta is a measure of volatility that compares a company's volatility to some of its competitors.

5. Paul earned a 6% return last year and had a 0.8 beta. The market had a 9% return.

A. What was his minimum acceptable return?

B. What was his portfolio's alpha?

6. What does the Sharpe ratio measure?

7. What does the Sortino ratio measure?

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