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Once you start investing, it’s important to track your progress and to know how your investments are doing to identify possible issues or opportunities.

What is our Investment Tracker?

Our Investment Tracker is a simple tool built to show a comprehensive summary of your investments’ performance, allocation, and overall progress.

The tool you need

We bring you a fantastic tool that will help you understand how your investments are doing and what you need to do to achieve your desired performance.

No Excel Skills Required

This simple but powerful tool allows you to effortlessly track your investments with a few clicks.

It is visual

We developed this tool to help you visually understand your progress as you go. It is packed with useful charts and other visual elements.

How does it work?

It is really easy to use. You just simply have to insert each asset you own into the Investment List using our simple form, and let the tool do its magic; our Pro Investment Tracker is mostly automated.

What does it do?

Our Pro tool will automatically calculate your portfolio performance as well as each asset’s returns. It is built to provide a powerful analysis of your asset allocation, your progress, and much more.

Completely free & private

How to get started

In your laptop or computer:

What's In The Tool

Simple, Automated, Useful

Investment Analysis

Our Pro Investment Tracker tool provides you with a comprehensive analysis of your investments’ performance and asset allocation.

Rebalancing Tool

Our Rebalancing Tool will help you determine the actions that you need to take to achieve your desired portfolio allocation by showing you the specific amount you need to buy, sell or hold of each asset.

Dividend Tool

Our Dividend Tool is built to calculate how much your investments may yield on dividend income, how much you could be potentially making with your desired allocation, and how much you need to invest to achieve your dividend income goals.

Watchlist & Activity

We also provide a Watchlist and Activity Log that will help you keep track of every action you take and possible future investments.

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