Your Personal Budget Tool

Basic Guide of How to budget

Your Personal Budgeting tool

What This tool is

We present to you a great Excel tool that will help you keep an eye on your daily expenses and control your spending monthly and throughout time.

No Excel Skills Required.

This tool allows you to know how you’re spending your money and what the patterns are.

It is visual

We created this tool to help you visually see your financial health progress as you go. It is packed with useful charts and other visual elements. 

How it can help you

Making a budget may not seem like the most exciting activity, it can be boring and time-consuming. However, it’s really important to keep your finances in order and even more so in this economic downturn.

Don’t waste your time.

Our tool will help you create and maintain your budget in a matter of a couple of minutes a week or a month.

It is intuitive

You will be able to identify trends and patterns. If you spend less in one area, you can spend more in another or choose to save that money for a larger future purchase, building up your investments, or even for retirement.

Saving is key to your financial health

Make habits

Being on a budget doesn’t mean depriving yourself of everything and not spending a cent. It means controlling your unnecessary expenses in order to maximize savings.

This tool will help you know what to cut back on, what you can allow yourself to do more of, and, ultimately, it will help you save some money.

A few minutes a week or a month will go a long way


Make a Plan

How does our tool work?

Log your monthly, weekly or daily activity in a really easy-to-use form that will do the number crunching for you.

All need to do is enter your current balance, your monthly estimates and log in your expenses and income as they come, or monthly.

Monthly Budget

You will see a section for Your Monthly Budget. Here are the simple steps you need to take to get the most out of it:

Yearly Budget

There is another section called Yearly Budget that will help you automatically see the progress of your savings over time.

It feeds off of the Monthly data that you insert. So, if you enter your activity on a monthly basis, this tool will be automatically populated.

If you wish to enter income/expense activity for future or past months, you can click the “Enter Activity” button and fill in the form for the desired date.

Completely free & private

How to get started with the tool

In your laptop or computer:

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